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Inductees to the William Howard Taft Hall of Fame are persons whose pursuit of excellence and deep commitment to achievement exhibit widely known expressions of enthusiasm, in both word and deed, that inspire others to reach goals that common experience demonstrates are improbable.


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Congratulations to the 2016 William Howard Taft Hall of Fame inductees!!

The 2016 William Howard Taft Hall of Fame election ended on May 15th as 2,974 votes were cast by graduate alumni, retired teacher alumni and Taft High School employees. The initial objective was to induct the TOP 20 vote recipients in each of the two categories. As we experienced "ties" in some of the vote returns there are 24 graduate alumni and 22 retired teacher alumni who will be inducted into the William Howard Taft Hall of Fame on Sunday, September 18th at Cave La Cave located on Mannheim Road in Des Plaines, IL from NOON to 5PM. TICKETS are available NOW at the Taft HS Foundation Website.

Here are the voting results:

Alumni Inductees : Retiree Inductees

Thank you for voting.
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