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Inductees to the William Howard Taft Hall of Fame are persons whose pursuit of excellence and deep commitment to achievement exhibit widely known expressions of enthusiasm, in both word and deed, that inspire others to reach goals that common experience demonstrates are improbable.


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Have you ever caught lightning in a bottle? If you view the photos from the 2016 William Howard Taft Hall of Fame Celebration you will indeed do so. The photos are as spectacular as the images are lovely. The memories have lasted a lifetime just as the friendships will endure forever.

Below is the link from the photographers that took all the photos from that afternoon. There are 351 photos on their link. Cornerstone Photography is a husband and wife team (Mark and Laura Humpt) that were working the event that day and we met them through one of the board members on the Taft High School Foundation. They charged us virtually nothing to be at the event and as such they generate revenue from selling pictures to happy clients. So if you see one, two or three pictures that you like, please purchase them from their link.

View and Purchase Photos

All you need to do to log-in is simply type in your email address and you will be able to view the portfolio of 351 photos. (Worry not, your email address will not be used for any other purpose than for you to view the photos multiple times if needed). Once you log-in I suggest you practice (it may seem awkward at first but it's pretty easy) viewing the pictures and seeing which ones you wish to own. The cost of purchasing a photo depends on the size photo you desire. 4 x 5, 8 x 10, etc. etc. So please visit the link to learn how to purchase photos. THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF FANTASTIC PHOTOS ON THEIR LINK. I know you will be pleased and impressed with their work that day. Enjoy the show. Thank you.

Also, the alumni nominations have begun for the William Howard Taft Hall of Fame Induction Celebration in 2017. The rules to nominate are right below and essentially you may nominate up to FIVE graduate alumni and THREE retired teacher alumni and ONE Taft Team. Nominations will be accepted until year end and the top nominees in each category will be placed on the FINAL BALLOT for Taft alumni to vote on the finalists in the beginning of 2017. Thanks for voting. Please read the rules and register to vote today.

Finally, if you have not done so already please make a tax-deductible contribution to Taft High School Foundation. You may do so ONLINE on the TAFT HIGH SCHOOL FOUNDATION website (click here to be transferred to that website) or you may mail a check to:
Taft High School Foundation
c/o Taft High School
6530 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, IL 60631

Thank you very much for supporting the Foundation and our Alma mater, William Howard Taft High School.

2017 William Howard Taft Hall of Fame Nominations Begin!

Over 340 guests celebrated the 48 2016 William Howard Taft Hall of Fame inductees on Sunday September 18th along with 7 Taft Championship teams. The 2017 William Howard Taft Hall of Fame nomination votes are ready to be cast.

Here are the voting rules:

1) Any Taft High School graduate alumni and retired teacher alumni are eligible to vote to nominate candidates. Any current Taft High School teacher, administrator or employee are eligible to vote to nominate candidates. Any eligible voter may only vote to nominate candidates ONCE. Attempts to vote more than once will make your votes null and void. Thank you.

2) Eligible candidates include any Taft graduate alumni that is 35 years or older and any retired Taft High School teacher that has been retired for at least 1 year.

3) Nomination votes may be cast for one Taft High School "team".

Voting begins on September 19th, 2016 and extends until Februray 14, 2017.

The finalist will be based on the total number of nominations received in each of the three groups.

Thank you for voting in the 2017 William Howard Taft Hall of Fame Nomination Voting Phase of the election process.





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